Restaurant business

Opening a café, restaurant or snack bar

From snack bars and cafés to bistros and restaurants, start-ups in the gastronomy sector are very popular. A well thought-out concept, solid financing, and motivated staff are key to success. A number of formalities have to be dealt with before you can begin. These include regulations on buildings, the catering trade, and food hygiene. The English language IHK Online Help for Food Hygiene portal gives you a quick and up-to-date overview of all the important topics, including tips and checklists available to download. Other topics include parking spaces, doing business in public spaces, opening hours, the protection of minors, toilets, noise control and smoking regulations, GEMA (the organization which regulates music usage rights in Germany), media license fees, grease traps, and disposing of kitchen waste. When it comes to self-made bakery products, craft-trade regulations also play a role.

It’s also worth noting that gastronomy businesses that do not serve alcohol do not require a permit to operate.

Our checklist informs you about the necessary steps:



How do I find tax advisors, legal experts and insurance professionals?

Please understand that for legal reasons Munich’s Business Startup Office is not allowed to provide individual tax or legal advice or help with insurances. We may not recommend or refer you to a particular professional or business.

We have listed several options to help you with your search.

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