Retail Business

Opening up a retail store?

Whether it is for  a vintage clothing and second-hand-shop or a specialty food store and deli – retail business opportunities reach a wide range of categories. You can start a new retail business using your own idea, take on an established business as a franchiser, or take over an existing business. But whichever option you choose, you need to know the requirements before you get started. These include regulations on buildings, doing business, and in some cases hygiene.

Our checklist informs you about the necessary steps:



How do I find tax advisors, legal experts and insurance professionals?

Please understand that for legal reasons Munich’s Business Startup Office is not allowed to provide individual tax or legal advice or help with insurances. We may not recommend or refer you to a particular professional or business.

We have listed several options to help you with your search.

Expanding your contacts by attending workshops, seminars and other events for new businesses can open doors to recommendations. Check out our events section!