More knowledge means better planning.

The more you know about your industry, the better you can plan the path to self-employment. Knowledge of industries will help to indicate whether and how you can make your business idea succeed. What legal frameworks exist in your industry? Does your industry have averages which help you estimate the typical sales and profit you might achieve?

The City of Munich’s information on starting a business provides important details about framework conditions, practical tips, and useful contacts in the city.
The information is currently available in English for the following areas:

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Retail Business

Inform yourself about the requirements before you get started such as regulations on buildings, doing business, and in some cases hygiene.

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Restaurant Business

A number of formalities have to be dealt with before you can begin. These include for example regulations on buildings, the catering trade, and food hygiene. When it comes to self-made bakery products, craft-trade regulations also play a role.

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How do I find tax advisors, legal experts and insurance professionals?

Please understand that for legal reasons Munich’s Business Startup Office is not allowed to provide individual tax or legal advice or help with insurances. We may not recommend or refer you to a particular professional or business.

We have listed several options to help you with your search.

Expanding your contacts by attending workshops, seminars and other events for new businesses can open doors to recommendations. Check out our events section!


Can I start a business out of my home?

Many entrepreneurs start working from home and set up a special room in their apartment or house. You should inform your landlord about this. You should also find out from the Amt für Wohnen und Migration (Housing and Migration Office) whether you are even allowed to use your home for business purposes or whether you need a permit to do so. If you are a home owner, you should also obtain approval for working from home in case of doubt.

You also need to consider building, fire protection, and industry-specific regulations such as requirements for practices and rooms in which some form of childcare is offered, or  food hygiene regulations for anyone planning to store, process or sell food.