How do I register my freelancing activity in Munich?

The terms “Freiberufler“, “freelancer” and “self-employed” are often confused and used as synonyms.  Please note: Self-employed people in Germany are

  • either business people [Gewerbetreibende]
  • or members of the liberal professions [Freie Berufe].

Different rules apply to these two categories. It is very important that you distinguish between these two types of new businesses and find out which one is right for you.  Read on here

Are you a member of the liberal professions? Register with Tax Office no later than one month after starting your self-employment.

The tax office responsible for you is determined by where you generate your income. In Munich turn to the Munich Tax Office [Finanzamt München].

Registering at the tax office is done digitally. All forms relating to tax registration are free or charge and available via ELSTER, the online portal used by the government’s financial administrative authorities. You may also use the forms provided by a commercial accounting software that is able to integrate with ELSTER. Please note, that in any case you are required to register once  with ELSTER. The certificate file required for electronic authentication is created free of charge during registration. A domestic classification criterion (tax number) is essential for registration on the ELSTER portal.

Learn how to register with the tax office in two steps.