Skilled Crafts

If you wish to go into business with a skilled craft that requires a licence, you will need an exemption for your registration in the Trades Register [Handwerksrolle] at the Chamber of Skilled Crafts [Handwerkskammer]. You can find an overview of the skilled crafts that require a license in Appendix A to the Trade and Crafts Code (PDF, 40 KB). If you wish to work exclusively across the border in one of trades listed in Appendix A (i.e. while having your place of business in your home country), you will not have to be registered in the Trades Register, however, you will require an exception issued by the Chamber of Skilled Crafts. The chamber must confirm that you meet the relevant preconditions in order to perform the skilled craft in question in Germany. In order to receive such a certificate from the Chamber of Skilled Crafts, you will have to provide proof of the type and duration of the profession carried out by you in your home country.

You are not required to provide proof of work experience if you can provide a certificate of competence that meets with the European guidelines for the recognition of certificates of competence (e.g. a diploma or examination certificate). If you wish to pursue a skilled craft in the health sector, you will always need such a certificate of competence. Work experience alone is not sufficient.

You will not need proof of qualification for the skilled crafts that do not require a license (Appendix B1 to the Trade and Crafts Code (PDF, 40 KB)). You can also make use of the exception rules of the Trade and Crafts Code if you fulfil the applicable preconditions.

Source: BMWi business start-up portal