The business plan is your main planning document

The business plan is your key document for ongoing planning. The business plan establishes your financing needs, documents your research into funding possibilities, and reflects advantages and disadvantages of various legal structures, to help guide you to the right decision. Starting your own business is like building a house: you need a precise plan with carefully considered and realistic calculations.

Write your business plan yourself. As a self-employed person you have full entrepreneurial responsibility for the estimates, plans, and decisions described there.

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Prepare a business plan

A business plan helps you to clearly state your business model, define your strategic and economic goals, and plan financially. Many details, connections, and problems only really become clear when you have them in front of you in written form.

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Financing and public support

There is a wide variety of financial assistance available for entrepreneurs. Certain conditions must always be met when applying for grants and subsidies. Always seek professional advice!

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Business or liberal profession?

Right at the beginning, you need to clarify whether your planned self-employed activity is classified as a business or a liberal profession. The decision has a number of legal and tax-related consequences. Classification can be difficult and depends on the individual case!

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Choice of legal structure

Which legal structure fits best your plans depends on a number of factors. For example, the legal structure you choose will affect your personal liability, the start-up costs, the taxes you pay and various other rights and obligations.

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