From A for accounting to T for taxation

Before you can get started with your company or as a self-employed person, you need to take care of some formalities. Find out early which authorities you need to register with.

Know your tax obligations from the very start. With well-organized accounting you have a good overview of income and expenses. It is also a decisive aspect for banks and the tax office. As a founder you need to be familiar with the basic knowledge of German taxation. Inform yourself during the founding phase what personal social security protection you should consider and what company insurance is necessary.

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Formalities when starting out: You must inform these authorities.

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Taxes and accounting

Regulations on accounting and invoicing depend on the legal structure and the sales and profit achieved. The tax office uses the recorded revenue and expenditure to determine how much tax your company pays. Knowing the most important types of tax will make you better prepared to start your company.

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Laws and contracts

Many founders conclude numerous contracts both when setting up a company and subsequently. These include contracts for rent, sales, employment, or with suppliers. Details of invoices and orders must also be provided.

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Company insurance can protect you from financial risks that, if left uncovered, could quickly threaten your livelihood. In order to find the right insurance, you should be aware of the main risks you face. Calculate the costs involved and incorporate them into your business plan.

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Social insurance

As a self-employed person you are responsible for organizing your own social insurance. Look into questions of health and pension insurance as early as possible. There are special rules concerning self-employment as a sideline job.


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