Start a company – Run a company

After the first few months, you will have gained some experience and customers and also dealt with various successes and crises. You will be thinking about how to further develop your business model. Change is part of everyday business life. Now is the time to adjust the statements and projected figures in your business plan. This might mean insufficient or falling revenue. It might also relate to market changes, rising costs, and too few or falling numbers of customers. But strategic questions also play a role. Where do you want your company to be in three, five, or eight years’ time? Do you want it to remain small and easy to manage or to grow? In the medium-term, do you want to have a partner on board or cooperate with other companies? How can you implement social and/or ecological responsibility in your company in the short, medium, and long term? Do you want the company to have an international component at some point? Do you need growth financing?

Coaching and advice from chambers as well as law, tax, and business consultancy experts can help with such questions.